Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good morning,good day,and good afternoon~

Katie at Eye Candy told me to publish a blog,and being she knows everything that's hip and with-it, I decided to follow her advice. and as I told her,if Ron Donoughe can do it,anyone can...

I do photography and video work,business estab. 1984. mostly commercial,but also portraits and weddings. a lot of the video work I do is legal stuff for attorneys. (I see Blogger just saved my draft so I guess that's a good thing.)

Had a nice photo shoot the other week for Conroy Foods(known in the retail world as Beano's), and a shoot for a 21-piece swing orchestra and wedding coming up.

That's enough for now. hope everybody has a good year. I know we'll all appreciate the spring...

David J. Albrecht
Photography and Video
5130 Butler Street
Pittsburgh PA 15201-2607

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